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Do you want to get paid to Tweet? To use Facebook? To make cool YouTube videos? Then become a Social Media Marketer! This class will teach you everything you need to know to use social media likea  pro. Every business needs a social media guru. You can be that guru!

Meets Monday and Wednesday from 5:10pm to 6:15pm OR Online 

(Note: The catalog does not list the online class. Just sign up right away, and then contact the instructor get online access.)

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CIS101-80 Fall 2015


Learn about the history of computers, how they work, and how they can help you get a good job. Learn Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Everyone applying to jobs nowadays needs to have experience in Office.

Meets Monday and Wednesday from 8:35am to 10am with online access

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r-WOMAN-THINKING-large570Are you following these tech luminaires? If you’re not, it’s a great time to start!