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  1. Yeah, so, if you could check out my personal site, that would be great. http://vmcampos.com I’ve got my Twitter and other fun stuff there.

    • Thank you! We’re still updating, but we like the new direction. Stay tuned.

  2. AeonHart is the home site of 3 web comics, Apotheosis a self aware comic, Eudaimonia a surrealistic comic, and the epic psycho-philosophical saga The Chronicles of Damian (which is coming soon) .


    Also my professional Portfolio


    • Very cool! I like the newest episode of Apotheosis.

      One thing about the site’s design, though, is that there is black text on a dark background – hard to read.

      Keep up the good work; let us know when the newest comic appears. 4

    • Thanks Michelle!
      We all need a good laugh sometimes.
      Also, if you’ve got anything to showcase, let us know.


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