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We Want Your Content!

Posted on Jul 1, 2011 by in Info, Student Blog | 7 comments

In a good way, of course. Want to share something? Add it to a comment below, or send us an email. Let us know about your personal or professional site. Your Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, SoundCloud, Delicious, Flickr, etc. Anything you want to share!

If you want to be more professional, we’re on LinkedIn and Google+

Kathleen Lopez | LinkedIn

Victor Campos | LinkedIn | Google+


  1. Yeah, so, if you could check out my personal site, that would be great. http://vmcampos.com I’ve got my Twitter and other fun stuff there.

    • Thank you! We’re still updating, but we like the new direction. Stay tuned.

  2. AeonHart is the home site of 3 web comics, Apotheosis a self aware comic, Eudaimonia a surrealistic comic, and the epic psycho-philosophical saga The Chronicles of Damian (which is coming soon) .


    Also my professional Portfolio


    • Very cool! I like the newest episode of Apotheosis.

      One thing about the site’s design, though, is that there is black text on a dark background – hard to read.

      Keep up the good work; let us know when the newest comic appears. 4

    • Thanks Michelle!
      We all need a good laugh sometimes.
      Also, if you’ve got anything to showcase, let us know.


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