Web Design Classes at Southwestern College

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  • CIS123: Web Design I
    • Covers creating and uploading professional quality websites using a Content Management System (CMS). Integrates images, text, tables, animations, styles, and themes into websites. Practices advanced techniques which include cascading style sheets, automating repetitive tasks, and creating interactive sites with blogs and shopping carts. Emphasizes how to check websites for universal design/usability compliance. Covers core objectives for industry certification.
  • CIS124: Digital Imaging
    • Covers beginning to advanced digital imaging skills for web and gaming. Utilizes standard industry software to create and edit web images and web pages, create vector drawings, edit photos, use special effects, and export to HyperText Markup Language. Explores graphics for webpages, web applications, and animations.
  • CIS125: Animation I
    • Provides students with strong web and gaming two-dimensional animation skills in just one semester. Emphasizes creating and exporting professional quality animations which utilize drawings, photos, and text. Covers synchronizing, importing, and editing animation with sound. Explores how to create automated animations and playback control for animated shorts, mobile games, or interactive applications. Covers core objectives for industry certification.
  • CIS126: Animation & Gaming II
    • Provides advanced instruction in computer animations and two-dimensional interactive video games using coding. Covers movie clip editing techniques like duplicate, combine, and hide; tests movie objects for collision effects; creates interactivity; and controls the movie flow. Teaches how to create reusable code with nested symbols, create variables, initialize and increment their values, and add movie clip scripts to customized instances. Explores writing conditional statements. Includes how to test and debug coding script. Emphasizes two-dimensional animations for use in web, applications, and gaming. Covers core objectives for industry certification.
  • CIS152: HTML5 & CSS3
    • Introduces Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3). Provides insight on the modern way to create and format dynamic web sites that can be used by computers and portable devices like iPods, cell phones, or personal data assistants (PDAs). Includes hands-on universal web design and accessibility standards.
  • CIS255: Web Search Engine Visibility
    • Covers how to get your website top placement with web searches. Introduces search engine marketing, including strategies, multimedia, and portable devices. Includes hands-on training with target keywords, measurement, and optimization. Practices the emerging social media like blogs, auctions, social networks, and advanced search using Web 2.0 tools.
  • CIS256: Web Design II
    • Provides an advanced-level creation of interactive, responsive, and multimedia websites with eCommerce capabilities. Covers advanced web authoring skills and dynamic content, industry current coding, and scripting languages. Includes mobile interface design. Builds on skills obtained in CIS 123 – Web Design I.
  • CIS257: Web Social Media Strategies
    • Covers hands-on use of state-of-the-art Web 2.0 interactivity for commercial and personal use. Creates and optimizes social networks. Designs and implements social media strategies with multiple platforms. Integrates use of 2.0 tools into marketing and branding and measures results. Includes RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, casts, interactive video and photo sites, and cloud computing.
  • CIS290: Work Experience
    • Applies principles and skills acquired in the Computer Information Systems major to on-the-job assignments. In addition to one unit weekly class activity, one unit of credit is granted for each 60 hours of volunteer or 75 hours of paid work activity. The job supervisor and instructor will evaluate each student’s job performance.
  • BUS211: Communication in Business
    • Includes the principles of writing through writing basic business letters, memos, effective email messages, and a short report. Emphasizes effective oral communication by participatiing in oral presentations and class discussions.
  • CIS108: PHP and MySQL
    • Covers three key components of Open Source Software (OSS), Personal Home Page (PHP), My Structured Query Language (MySQL), and jQuery (a cross-platform JavaScript library) for personal, academic, and the business environment. Focuses on PHP scripting language in conjunction with MySQL to deploy applications for the Web. Provides a structured learning environment with hands-on experience, implementing one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions for developing database driven Web pages. Covers core objectives for industry certification and is one of the primary courses in the Southwestern College Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) certificate.
  • CIS109: Linux and Apache
    • Covers two key components of Open Source Software (OSS), Linux and Apache Web Server for the personal, academic, and the business environment. Emphasizes installation, configuration, administration, maintenance, and security aspects of the Linux Operating System in conjunction with Apache Web Server. Provides hands-on experience, implementing one of the most popular and cost-effective Web integration solutions. Covers core objectives for industry certification.