CIS123 Web Publishing w/ WordPress

Web Publishing

Learn how to make websites and shopping carts and blogs and digital portfolio.  Hands-on training, internships available.
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Meets Monday/Wednesday from 1:20 to 4:50pm in Room 223

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CIS-123-601 (Reg Code: 01459)
Web Publishing Units: 6.0
Course Description:
Fee: $1. Emphasis on creating and uploading professional quality Web sites. Place images, text, tables, sounds, animations, image maps, styles, and frames into the site. Advanced techniques include rollovers, behaviors, cascading style sheets, and automating repetitive tasks. Tips on how to market the site, check it for compliance, and use of a browser targeting and JavaScript debugger. Covers core objectives for industry certification. [D; CSU]

Instructor: Lopez, K.
Class meets from 02/01/16 to 05/27/16
Location: Chula Vista Campus
MW 01:20PM to 03:50PM Room: 223 LEC
MW 04:00PM to 04:50PM Room: 223 LAB